Organization profile

Organisation description

The TELETECNO research group was created in 2007 as a group that seeks to provide permanent support to students of the Telecommunications Engineering Curriculum Project, the initial work of the research group is the formation of work groups for the different topics to be handled within the same, guided by each of the teachers who make up the group; with the purpose of helping the students of Engineering in Telecommunications to develop the approach and structuring of the projects of degree with the complementation of new and modern technologies.


The TELETECNO research group seeks to offer the student community, society and other entities specialized in the development of telecommunications systems, digital signal processing and information systems, to provide the opportunity to generate innovative products for the scientific and business community, both at the institutional level , local, national and international.


To become a research group recognized for the promotion, production and socialization of research in the area of telecommunications, stimulating the research spirit and the development of knowledge, framing the solution to engineering problems.

Research Lines

-Domótica or Telecontrol
- Video Storage