Sistemas Digitales Inteligentes

  • Cl. 68D Bis A Sur Nº 49F - 70 Candelaria La Nueva IV Etapa, Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de caldas - Facultad Tecnológica

    +571 Bogotá D.C.


Organization profile


The research group DIGITI will work in search of the incorporation of state-of-the-art digital technology and technological innovation to solve problems of the Colombian population; for this will establish multidisciplinary teams that strengthen the development and applications that improve the quality of life of humanity.


To project nationally and internationally in the promotion, use, acquisition, appropriation, generation and socialization of scientific and technological knowledge, in the field of digital techniques and their applications, to strengthen services to support national scientific research, solve engineering problems , promote technological development and innovation, with impact on the University, the industrial environment and the community.

Research Lines

  1. Development of intelligent digital systems and experts
  2. Development of technologies for Bioengineering
  3. Design and implementation of digital and embedded systems
  4. Aerospace Technology
  5. Digital control techniques
  6. Digital techniques for processing audio, images and signals

Projects 2009 2016