Representaciones y Conceptos Científicos

  • Cra. 3 #26a-40


Organization profile


Strengthen the research lines described, publish articles in international journals, at least in English and contribute to improving the teaching of experimental sciences, the development of teaching texts and the initial and continuing training of science teachers. These objectives have been met gradually with the products and the results of the research carried out within the group and in the different alliances that have been made.


It is thought that as far as the development of the research lines is concerned, the members of the group will have consolidated the conceptual and methodological foundations of their research program, especially as regards the design of the research instruments, in that connection of distance that is being experimented with sociology and educational psychology and empiropositivist approaches. Make presence in the databases of national and international specialized journals with articles products of research. Link undergraduate students to the group to begin their training as researchers in science education. Propose to Colciencias candidates for the involvement of Young Researchers.