Organization profile

Organisation description

1. Generation of knowledge through the group's two lines of research, which are integrated into the institutional curriculum. For this, the strategic areas considered by the National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation of the National Council of Economic and Social Policy, CONPES-3582, specifically: biotechnology; Health; materials and electronics. 2. Transformation of the research processes carried out by the group, so that the results of research are actually incorporated into the solution of problems at local, regional, national and international levels. 3. Characterization of the business sector and the State Social Enterprises to establish alliances that encourage innovation. 4. Presentation to calls for funding and development of applied research projects, through institutional entities such as CIDC; national institutions such as COLCIENCIAS and other entities such as non-governmental organizations, private universities and other agreements with entities such as Corpoica, National Health Institute, and District Health Secretary among others. 5. Training of the leading students attending to the needs of companies, the region and the country. To this end, information and telecommunications technologies (ICTs) will be used.


Prioritize and develop the research lines of the Environmental Chemistry Group in accordance with the policies of the Francisco José de Caldas District University and the demands of the Capital District, the country and the world. Strengthen the capacity of the University for the formation and participation of scientific networks with national and international entities. Encourage interdisciplinary work in the development of investigations that are subject to the lines of the environmental chemistry group. Strengthen the articulation of environmental chemical group research with teaching and extension. Support and consolidate the articulation of the environmental chemical group with the Master's and Doctorate programs of the Francisco José de Caldas District University. To train excellent researchers who contribute to the development of science and to the solution of local, regional, national and international problems and needs. Link the environmental chemistry research group to technoparques and scientific and technological development centers.


The Group of Environmental Chemistry has as its vision the integral formation of the students and the development of research with criteria of excellence that allows to respond with success to the permanent changes of the environment as well as to the challenges and opportunities that this offers.

Research Lines

  • Nanoscience - Nanotechnology
  • Psychoactive substances and biomarkers