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As a human heritage, creation is fundamental to transformation and development. It proceeds from particular logics in which differences, concepts and innovations are integrated. Undertaking creative actions demands self-regulation in the face of changes (social, cultural, biological, economic, environmental, among others), through projects and programs in different fields are integrated people, organizations, knowledge, media, theories, elements, techniques and practices. In the Faculty of Arts ASAB from the permanent practices of teaching-learning, research-creation, management and social projection are the principles of formation: the formation of a pruriversal community with respect and tolerance, creation, self-regulation, social projection and cultural, research, interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.


It is the mission of the Faculty of Arts ASAB to develop professional training programs in Arts, with he participation of academic, artistic and cultural sectors, in function of he harmonious development of subjects and communities, through the contextualization, construction and production of artistic expressions and knowledge since the City-Region with regional, national and global projection, in correspondence with the policies of the Francisco José de Caldas District University.


The ASAB Faculty of Arts will be identified as a center for training, production and contextualization of artistic and cultural practices with local, national and international recognition, thanks to its excellence and innovative criteria; for which it projects expressions and aesthetic solutions that contribute to the recognition and transformation of sociocultural manifestations with relevance, critical vision, academic competitiveness, promotion of research-creation, management and responding to an education with representation from difference and sustainability for a global scenario