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Training of human talent in Research and innovation. 1.2. Accompaniment to a professional and student of the Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Research of the District University, in the process of developing his research work titled: The case of rap caleño in the nineties: forms of socio-cultural production of the afrojuvenil population in the city of Cali ascribed to the macro research project: State of the art on the aesthetic forms within the framework of the contemporary popular: This work aims to locate the artistic and aesthetic production of the young people of popular sectors in Cali in the decade of the nineties .


Study the pedagogy of literature and communication 2.Indagar about the incidence of mass media in social representations of different social groups 3. Conduct research in the field of literature, communication and education in different contexts social 4.Indagation of literary authors 5.Exploration of new narrative, aesthetic, artistic and creative forms and their mediations 6.Investigate on literature for populations in contexts of diversity considering their semiotic, pedagogical and didactic implications


The group has to be an academic space for quality research at the local, national and international level that is committed to the permanent development of scientific knowledge, aesthetic-cultural manifestations and communication in the link established with the new technology of information and communication, all based on pedagogical knowledge

Research Lines

1.- Communication, discourse and culture 2.- Aesthetics and textual gestures: narratives in transit 3.- Literature and diversity 4.- Relations between literature, education and communication