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Organization profile

Organisation description

LENTE is a research group in the humanities area that deals with issues related to language in its relationship with technology, culture, business and education. Their professors are from different areas of knowledge and their students and graduates belong to telematic engineering and production careers; industrial technology, data systematization, mechanics and electronics, but passionate about humanistic and social issues.


LENTE is a research group composed of teachers, students and graduates of the Technology Faculty of the District University FJC. He works in the research and dissemination of linguistic and humanistic knowledge in his relation with technology, education and culture.


In 2015 LENTE will be a Research Group positioned, categorized in Colciencias and distinguished in the Technological Faculty, the District University FJC, Bogotá, the region and the country by its results, known by the community through the quality of its studies, his academic, cultural and artistic productions in the field of language and the humanities in dialogue with technology, social context, education and companies. He will also be recognized for his foray into the media.

Research Lines

  1. Language, technology and culture
  2. Short genres, speeches and youth
  3. New Technologies and Education
  4. Pedagogy, didactics and technologies
  5. Means of communication and ethno-education