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The research group in Didactics of Chemistry, DIDAQUIM, is a group of interdisciplinary character that is constituted by academic researchers, with professional training as much in education in sciences as in pure sciences with different levels of academic formation and is attached to the curricular project Degree in Chemistry of the Faculty of Sciences and Education. The group also includes teachers of curricular projects from other faculties of the District University, and recently there are university and secondary education teachers from other institutions that strengthen the interdisciplinary, interinstitutional and internivelar nature of the research work of the group. The disciplinary field in which the group works is Science Didactics and in particular the Didactics of Chemistry and its relation to other disciplines and knowledge related to scientific culture. In the last five years, as a theoretical reference, the group has based its research and social projection activities particularly on historical and epistemological foundations characterized by the interdisciplinary, social and humanistic visions of greater consensus in the last thirty years. Theoretically, the group has tended to structure a concept of education and science education within the constructivist framework of knowledge, complex - systemic of teaching activity in school institutions, supported by methodologies relevant to classroom research, which takes up procedures of both sociology, psychology and anthropology, in specific projects).


Generate and consolidate spaces for scientific reflection on problems associated with the teaching of science in general with a strong emphasis on the training of chemistry teachers at all levels of the education system, which allow the formation of human talent with the skills to exert a teaching and qualified research, through the formalization of strategic alliances with national and international peers in the field of Didactics of Experimental Sciences.


The research group DIDAQUIM intends to consolidate itself as an international recognition group that generates significant contributions in the local, regional, national and international field, in the field of Didactics of the experimental sciences. To be recognized as an Academic Group of reference and valid interlocutor at national and international level in the field of Didactics of Sciences in general and of Chemistry in particular, due to the knowledge produced in science education and the development of new strategies in teaching of the sciences, with special emphasis on strengthening profound changes in teaching conceptions, attitudes and practices.

Research Lines

  • Education in Sciences in Colombia: Historical, Epistemological Aspects
  • Scientific Childhood Thought
  • History and epistemology of the sciences towards the didactic reconstructions of the chemical theories
  • Curricular design in science
  • Didactic Change