Organization profile

Organisation description

The ImagiNet research group was created due to the need to respond to the challenges that society faces each day in understanding the phenomena that surround it and in the generation and improvement of products and processes that are necessary to it. Likewise the creation of ImagiNet was a natural evolution of the research group "Compuparalela" which continues to be an active part of ImagiNet through the research line "High performance computing".
The ImagiNet research group is mainly composed of students and teachers of the curricular project of Technology in data systematization and Engineering in telematics, but it is expected that both students and teachers from other areas will actively engage in the dynamics of ImaginNet, as it currently does. research firm Gehirim whose work is mainly oriented to the development of "Applications for linux" another line of research of the group ImagiNet.


To serve as a platform for the development of scientific and technological research at the Francisco José de Caldas District University in order to strengthen the generation, appropriation and dissemination of knowledge through the analysis and simulation of phenomena, products and processes, modeled through environments interactive, which can contribute to the high-level training of students and the scientific and technological progress of the city, region and country.


In 2020 the ImagiNet research group will be recognized as an interdisciplinary research group, applying and developing interactive environments for analysis and simulation in areas such as engineering, education, medicine and entertainment, among others.

Research Lines

1) Applications for Linux.
2) Computer graphics
3) High performance computing