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The research group is involved with the discussions that, from different sciences and disciplines, have relation with the social representations, the statute of the discourse and the discursivity and the analytical ones of the power. In the Colombian field, research and analysis related to social representations have particular validity in fields such as history and anthropology (in the first, social representations are a particular development of all that tradition that in one way or another is related with the repercussions of the school of the Annals, in the second, the vindication of social representations has to do with the effects of the so-called interpretive and textual anthropology, which put in the foreground the game of representation in the interpretation of cultural dynamics). In our environment, the scientific studies of discourse are involved, on the one hand, with the tradition of linguistics, in particular with developments in areas such as sociolinguistics and textolinguistics; on the other hand, with all that post-structural tradition, where authors such as Derrida and Foucault are involved, which puts into play the discursive formation as a comprehensive resource of the social universe. The analyzes of power, apart from preserving the tradition of political sociology and political science, where classical authors such as Marx and Weber appear, have also been involved with the question of representation and with the universes of discourse. Internationally, each of these horizons shows an increasing approximation: the studies on representation, discourse and power have not only reconciled the most diverse tendencies but, at the same time, are circulating through the most varied scientific and disciplinary fields, not only within the human and social sciences. The research group, aware of this panorama, has established itself in this eminently interdisciplinary approach


within the human and social sciences. The research group, aware of this panorama, has established itself in this eminently interdisciplinary approach
Objectives: GENERAL Consolidate a strong research unit at the level of specializations and master's degrees within the Francisco José de Caldas District University. SPECIFIC 1. To sustain institutional research projects as a definitive mechanism to participate efficiently in the national system of science and technology with the highly qualified production of knowledge. 2. To complete academic promotion research that is final not only in its contributions to national scientific production but, at the same time, to raise the quality standards of the group and its immediate community. 3. Promote an intense policy of dissemination of results, through varied bibliographic means, with a high circulation in the information and communication networks and through periodic national and international events. 4. To promote the creation of an institute specialized in social and humanistic research with an interdisciplinary perspective.


A research group organized around institutional research projects increasingly broad and consistent in their technical and economic supports, with consolidated media, within a research institute that preserves investigative autonomy and that can propose long-term agendas for the different training programs of the University, with a visible presence at a national and international level and with a highly qualified mechanism for the preparation of researchers and the incubation of research nurseries for the different instances of our institution.

Research Lines

1.- Identities and subjectivities
2.- Imaginary and representations
3.- Language and sociocultural interpretation
4.- Power, policy and construction of collective subjects

Projects 2012 2015