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Organization profile

Organisation description

The research group in telematic orión is oriented to strengthen the area of ​​telematics in the curricular project of systematization of data and telematic engineering, through the accomplishment of academic days, development of research projects in the area and training of students interested in the field of networks and telematics.


Encourage the creation of research seedlings that propose solutions to the needs in the field of telematics in the development of research projects, university-enterprise projects and academic projects as well as the training of students in formative research (in the academic, productive sector , Social). Assist students in the preparation and development of telematic projects and publication of results in national and international journals related to the field of interest developed. Achieve agreements with academic peers with national and international academic peers to strengthen the development of the group's research lines.


To be a recognized local, national and international group in the area of ​​telematics for the development of telematic solutions to problems of academic research, university-business and society. Promote the development of solutions in the field of telematics and communications through the use of new technologies and software tools.

Research Lines

1.Management of networks

2.Development and integration of telematic solutions

3.PLT, telecommunication by power line