Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería Civil de la Universidad Distrital

  • Cl. 68D Bis A Sur Nº 49F - 70 Candelaria La Nueva IV Etapa, Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de caldas - Facultad Tecnológica

    +571 Bogotá D.C.


Organization profile

Organisation description

The Research Group in Civil Engineering of the GIICUD District University is conformed by a robust and qualified body of researchers, is institutionalized before the University and classified by Colciencias in category A1. Maintains an important research and academic production activity; and has six lines of research.
Part of the integration of specific fields of civil engineering, which contributes to the multidisciplinary approach to the specific problems of the field of construction and habitat. The research work within the group is given through the feedback and dissemination of projects and academic content resulting from the intellectual production of its members.


Our mission is to develop research projects with a strong social responsibility, directly integrated with scientific, technological and experimental processes, guided through the different research lines of the group such as Construction, Hydraulics, Transport and Infrastructure, Environmental Sustainability and Remediation, Planning and Territorial Ordering, and Geotechnics.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as a research group with a high impact in the field of Civil Engineering, which contributes to the development of the city region through the development of research projects that contribute solutions that contribute to the improvement of its quality of lifetime.

Research Lines

  1. Technological Applications to Environmental Engineering.
  2. Hydrology and Hydraulics.
  3. Construction materials and construction processes.
  4. Modeling and Design of Structures.
  5. Concrete and Construction Technology.
  6. Housing of Social Interest and Habitat.

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