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Currently the Environmental Quality Research Group focuses its research efforts towards ecological studies especially in Ecological Restoration, Functional Ecology and Environmental Education. So far publications have been generated, participation in national and international academic events, research projects institutionalized and financed by the Francisco José de Caldas District University and other entities in the Convention. The group has a nursery where teachers, students and graduates participate.




The Environmental Quality Research Group intends to significantly strengthen the research in the Curricular Project of Biology Degree, integrating the different levels of the Educational Community, ie Teachers, Students and Graduates, in order to optimize the academic processes that are carried out within the training of graduates in Biology. The theme addressed is framed in two main lines of work that are environmental education, ecological studies and ecological restoration as essential parts in the dynamics of our Planet and that will strengthen the professional training of the future Graduate, aware that this training in the disciplinary aspect is fundamental for the success of our Undergraduate Students with the Advisory and Direction of Research Teachers who will be the tutors of the research processes associated to a Research Seminar as an academic space for reflection on research methodologies and pedagogies at this level of formation . In the same way, the activities of the Research Seminar are intended to facilitate the creativity and development of competencies that a teacher should have with his / her students of Basic and Middle Education.


To project in the future an option of training and research for the students of the Curricular Project of Biology and Scientific Community in general, in the fields of specific knowledge of Environmental Quality, in the areas of Water Quality, Environmental Education and Ecology.



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