Grupo de Investigación Biodiversidad de Alta Montaña

Organization profile

Organisation description

The Research group aims to establish a link between university academic work and the achievement of the Andean diversity sustainability, preparing adequate scenarios for the exploitation of the natural supply of the resource without detriment of the rights of future generations.

 Promoting the identification of promising species, strengthening of community initiatives, evaluation of environmental supply and the implementation of technological transfer mechanisms, among others, to develop and implement alternative forms of sustainable use of the resource, both active (ex - situ, in-situ) as passive (ecotourism and observation).


The mission of the Alta Montaña biodiversity group is to train young researchers who lead and generate research processes framed in the contribution and acquisition of knowledge in fauna and flora, to generate and establish strategies for the sustainable use of wildlife, as well as plans for its conservation.


The research group integrates several lines and levels of biological organization: from ecosystems to populations and species, and from biogeography and ecology to forms of land use and the proposal of conservation strategies based on the principle of sustainability for the improvement of the quality of human life. The goal is to effectively manage the resources of Colombian biodiversity through research and development of specific projects to solve local conservation problems.

Research Lines


1 Water analysis and quality

2 Environmental education and local communities

3 Wildlife management

4 Systematics