Grupo de Instrumentación Científica & Didáctica

  • Cra. 3 #26a-40


Organization profile


The Scientific and Didactic Instrumentation group of the Francisco José de Caldas District University will be projected as a productive company of the institution, which will carry out research work in Basic Sciences, of interdisciplinary nature and with possibilities of immediate application to the solution of problems of the District and National community. The development of the group will lead in turn the development of academic events that will be reflected in the participation in seminars, conferences, the production of national and international publications. The creation of several fronts such as: electronic instrumentation and control, educational software, design and implementation of computer rooms, laboratory equipment, among others. At the same time, academic and scientific communities of university students will be strengthened, interdisciplinary groups will be trained, cooperation and support will be generated from different national and international research institutions in pedagogical and research fields. Creation of the Interactive Science and Technology Center & # 8221; Francisco José de Caldas & # 8221 ;, which will be located in the Technological Faculty (current), to serve as educational means to all schools and schools located in Ciudad Bolívar; This project will be an extension of what is already in the group and as a consequence of the didactic and pedagogical activities carried out in the Faculty of Science and Education.