Grupo de Energías Alternativas

  • Cl. 68D Bis A Sur Nº 49F - 70 Candelaria La Nueva IV Etapa, Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de caldas - Facultad Tecnológica

    +571 Bogotá D.C.


Organization profile


To be a research group capable of generating, applying and disseminating knowledge in the area of Alternative Energies, with a scientific production that contributes significantly in the consolidation of the research culture within the Technological Faculty of the District University and the scientific community Colombian

Research Lines

  1. Biomass
  2. Wind power
  3. Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  4. Thermal solar energy
  5. Pedagogy of renewable energies and thermofluids.
  6. Small and Micro Hydroelectric Power Plants
  7. Rational Use of Energy. (ERU)