Organization profile

Organisation description

The group is made up of teachers of plant, of special bond and students of LBEI whose common objective is to generate spaces for research and innovation in the field of teaching and learning English as a foreign language. The academic and investigative exercise leads us to socialize these experiences and experiences to the national and international environment.




Generate spaces for research and strengthening related to problems and educational contexts at the level of pedagogical exercise and virtual environments that promote methodological innovation in teaching and learning English.




The research of the group has to directly impact the curriculum of the Bachelor in Basic Education with an emphasis on English and pass on other similar academic spaces in universities where a problem of this type has been detected. The use of new technologies as a didactic tool to improve methodological competence in an autonomous way of the teacher in training will allow the change of paradigms, styles and strategies of learning and teaching, thus making it possible to flexibilize the curriculum.



Research Lines

1.- Editing, printing, reproduction and recording of newspapers, magazines, books, discs, cassettes, videos and films

2.- Education

3.- Tests of materials and products quality analysis