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Organization profile

Organisation description

 Conforming a bank of strains of promising microorganisms for use in bioremediation processes.
 Implement and develop water and soil bioremediation techniques.
 Advise companies in the management of bioremediation processes of fungicides, xenobiotics, heavy metals, dyes, organic waste.
 Support students with research topics for their degree work.
 Conduct degree work related to research lines.

Lines of investigation:

 Bioremediation.
 Biotechnology.
 Environmental sanitation.
 Treatment of water and solid waste.
 Public health.

Strategic plan for the development of the group:
 Formulation and development of research in the lines of interest through teaching research work and by means of degree work in the UDFJC.
 Socialization of research results; publications and participation in events.

Research lines assigned to the Research Group:

 Semotecero BiotecAmérica.
 Seed Zoovector.


The research group Bionemesis has the mission of working in research related to environmental sanitation, biotechnology, bioremediation, treatment of liquid wastes and solid waste, basic sanitation, as basic research linked to solving environmental sanitation problems.


The research group Bionémesis will be a group with high recognition in the District University Francisco José de Caldas, leader in the biological investigations and related to the environmental sanitation; Biotechnology, bioremediation, treatment of residual waste and solid waste, basic sanitation.