Organization profile

Organisation description

Realization of research projects involving the conservation of endemic species of the Sabana de Bogota. (This project is in the initial phase) Implement, standardize, molecular biology techniques for the conservation of species in danger of extinction. Develop Extension Days to spread basic knowledge in molecular biology. In order to consolidate the subline of Molecular Biology, it is necessary to possess and give continuity to the processes that have been developed within the group. We set ourselves the task of seeking the alliance between external university institutions with already formed research groups; to create cooperation agreements with these institutions and in this way to facilitate the collection of resources, the transfer of technology, scientific cooperation, training and the provision of services. These agreements will be established with: Universidad de Córdoba rough the Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas y del Trópico, headed by Dr. Salim Mattar; Pontificia Universidad Javeriana rough the Unidad de Genética (Genética de poblaciones -Biología Evolutiva) escalafon A De Colciencias directed by Dr. Manuel Ruiz. The private company that has the experience and specialized infrastructure CorpoGen escalafon B Colciencias, directed by Dr. Patricia del Portillo and the Corporación para la Investigación Biotecnológica y Genética BIOGENOMA directed by Dr. Alfonso Benitez; Links with regional corporations such as CAR have been established. In addition, Foundations like PROAVES, Madre Monte.


* Consolidation of the group through the development of projects and products carried out in an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional way. * Expand and deepen the degree of research in the topics selected by the group as research strengths * Implement technology transfer to other groups and with the mission of extending to the community the contributions made by the group.


 The group wishes to first meet the objectives proposed through the following projections:


* Consolidation of the research line.
* Equipment and Training of Spaces
* Training of Members
* Drug Resistance Identification
* Support Epidemiological controls
* Characterization-genetic identification of organisms
(Interest segments)
* Bioinformatic sequencing and analysis.
* Training of Researchers (Research Squares)
* Support for groups that require it
* Extension Courses
*Technology transfer

With this, the vision of the group is focused on being an innovative group in science, proponent of new technologies and biotechnological products, competitive and with great projections for the immediate and long term future.

Research Lines

  • Molecular biology
  • Conservation Genetics, Ornithology
  • Limnology Ecology
  • Mutagenesis and Genomics