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Biology, Teaching and Realities works with two administrative organizations, one in the National Pedagogical University and another in the Francisco José de Caldas District University, made up of a research director, five researchers, an assistant research monitor and the participation of teachers of education capital of the Capital District. The group is currently advancing two strong lines of research: the first is "The development of scientific research skills and its relation to the professional knowledge of science teachers" which is part of the research line: THINKING OF THE TEACHER as well as another line strong research "Teacher Training" aimed at the "Training of Biology teachers from the didactics and their relationship with the Professional Knowledge of the science teacher". In these investigations the teacher is recognized as a subject of knowledge, who from his experience really contributes to the field of pedagogy and didactic, therefore establishes a space of dialogue between the teachers in exercise and in formation, researchers and the University , as a process that feeds the formation of students in particular of the National Pedagogical University, the "Francisco José de Caldas" District University and the educational community of the country. It is noteworthy that the group has developed other researches such as: History of the teaching of biology in Colombia, epistemological studies in structuring concepts of biology, Analysis of the belief system that guide the practice of biology teacher and Scientific competences and training in values, design and formulation of PRAES (School Environmental Projects). Of these, reports have been submitted to CIUP-UPN and CIDC-UD respectively, articles have been written in national-level journals, and participation in national and international events.




The group Biology, Teaching and Realities with the experience acquired in the research carried out and the information compiled aims to develop the following objectives: To contribute to the generation of knowledge about educational realities, developing spaces for reflection and discussion with teachers, enabling them to be trained as researchers of their own contexts and that contribute to the improvement of the quality of the country's education. Elaborate a guiding proposal for the work in competences and values ​​from the area of ​​natural sciences and environmental education. To enrich the research lines of the group based on the many investigations that are currently being developed. Contribute to the District University and the University of Education academic, critical and reflexive subjects that recognize and contribute to research policies related to education. To contribute in the qualification of teachers in formation and in exercise at District and National level from the contributions of the research lines. Publish articles in magazines and books that account for the findings and theoretical production of the group's research. To socialize in different national and international events the results of the completed and in process investigations. Recognize the different problems in the classroom related to Teaching and learning science. Strengthen the curriculum of the Licentiate in Biology project (UD and UPN) from the formulation, application and ratification of proposals originated from the nursery. Motivate interest in educational research.




The projection of the Biology, Teaching and Realities Group is the academic positioning at National and International level from the theoretical production resulting from the researches carried out. Constitute from the findings of the research and the theoretical revision a module corresponding to a specialization and / or masters in Pedagogy or Teaching of sciences. To become a leading group at the District, National and International level in advising innovation and research projects in the field of education. Publish books and articles that account for the research group process and research findings. Contribute to the training of in-service teachers and the qualification of in-service teachers.  

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