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Organisation description

In the last 10 years, the Basic Sciences Group has developed activities such as: providing conceptual, curricular, pedagogical and administrative support in relation to the basic component of the curriculum of the curricular projects of the Faculty of Technology, whose context is explained in the theme of the Education in Technology - grouping professors of the disciplines: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The research group in Basic Sciences began to be created in 2007, given the need to have an institutional space in which the teachers of Basic Sciences develop reflection activities in their teaching and research activities both in their discipline, as in its applications in Technology and Engineering. This in order to improve the teaching exercise and provide advice and theoretical support to existing research groups at the Francisco José de Caldas District University, where required.


The group assumes the challenge that, by producing this theoretical and applied knowledge, contributes to the goals of the country's economic and social development and makes significant contributions to achieving an epistemological harmony with the demands of a new academy. The research group whose mission is to lead the theoretical and applied research of the basic sciences, in accordance with the lines and research projects that it proposes, has as a challenge being a leading group in research on this subject in the university.


In line with the strategic guidelines and lines, the group's challenge is to achieve its recognition as a research group, by the academic and scientific community of the country and abroad, of excellence in research in the major fields associated with Basic Sciences, as the reflection of theoretical results of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry; the applications in the modeling of complex phenomena of reality, and the identification, characterization and understanding of the phenomena and processes that condition the teaching and learning of the concepts of these sciences, without which the appropriation of technology and the Engineering.

Research Lines

• Mathematics education, cognitive and didactic development
• Language, communicative skills and didactics
• Ethical training, values and democracy
• History of education and pedagogy
• Educational innovations
• New technologies applied to education
• Science teaching
• Social studies of education
• Higher education
• Basic sciences